Imanol Romera

Full stack web developer based in Granada, Spain.

Imanol Romera


Imanol is a full stack web developer based in Granada with a passion for building tailored services and tools he deems useful. Being a strong team-player he collaborates in all the steps of product development, from mock-ups, through programming, concluding with server deployment and product launch. As an open-source enthusiast, he makes the effort to use as many OSS tools as possible, and release many personal bits of code to the world. He is also bilingual.


1999 /

Born in Wolverhampton, England.

2005 /

Moved to Spain.

2011 /

Started teaching self in computers. Built first desktop PC.

2017 /

Obtained a Vocational Education and Training qualification (VET/Grado Medio) in Computer Systems and Networking at IES Zaidin-Vergeles.

2019 /

Obtained a Higher-education qualification (HNC/Grado Superior) in Web Development at IES Zaidin-Vergeles.

2019 /

Worked for Comerline.

2023 /

Worked for Getronics.

2024 /

Works for Mr. Alfred.


When not coding he enjoys gaming, playing the drums, and watching anime.